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Travel Inspiration: A Look at Alpacr’s New Search Feature

Fri, 27 December 2019

Travel Inspiration: A Look at Alpacr’s New Search FeatureGuide your next adventure with our newest update – the search feature! Designed for those travellers ready to be inspired by authentic travel stories and travel insights from other Alpacr users. Whether you're looking to discover a lesser know... read more

5 Mobile Apps Essential for Travelling, Other Than Alpacr

Mon, 02 December 2019

5 Mobile Apps Essential for Travelling, Other Than Alpacr1.       SleepCalm –To combat jetlag, we recommend downloading an app to help you adjust your sleep schedule back to normal after crossing different time zones. If you’re anything like us, this will be extremely useful to you since you find yo... read more

Northern Vietnam: A Photo Diary of Our Vietnam Homestay

Fri, 15 November 2019

Northern Vietnam: A Photo Diary of Our Vietnam HomestayOur Northern Vietnam homestay experience included endless views of vibrant green rice fields for a scenery like nothing else we've previously encountered!Our team had the incredible opportunity to stay one night with a Hmong family in Northern V... read more

4 Sure Ways to Deal with Homesickness While Travelling

Fri, 25 October 2019

4 Sure Ways to Deal with Homesickness While TravellingLong term travel… most people only dream of it and here you are, immersed in the most interesting cultures, new and unique sceneries, and entirely new experiences, but suddenly you feel this cloud of loneliness sweep over you. A feeling of isolat... read more

Fun, Alternative Travel Questions to Ask a Traveller

Thu, 15 August 2019

We asked one of our lovely Alpacr users, who is a veteran backpacker and solo female traveller, fun and alternative travel questions to find out more about what inspires her travels, how she does it, and much more. Check out @Brinlietravel on the Alpacr, the travel and adventure app, to see where sh... read more

My Solo Female Travel Story: Vietnam

Thu, 15 August 2019

After a long year studying and being unable to escape Britain’s dreary weather I was determined to kick my summer off with some warmth and better food! After scrolling through Alpacr, my heart was set on Vietnam after the incredible travel photos I saw and experiences other travellers had recounted ... read more

Backpacking Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Hidden Gem in Europe

Thu, 15 August 2019

Before travelling in Bosnia I had little idea of what the country had to offer, but was sure it would be an adventure. I had also only heard of backpackers visiting Sarajevo and Mostar so was eager to explore other towns and regions.“Despite it being easily accessible from the rest of Europe and one... read more

Croatia Without The Crowds!

Thu, 08 August 2019

Travel Guide to Zadar, CroatiaZadar is one of the oldest cities in Croatia. The ‘old town’ is separated from the rest of the city by both sea and castle walls. Zadar itself is not particularly a major tourist destination for backpackers, well, relative to other popular locations throughout Croatia. ... read more

Travel Colombia: Reasons to Add Colombia to Your South America Bucket List!

Tue, 06 August 2019

Reasons to add Colombia to your South America bucket list are extensive, but here's a short read on why you should start planning your trip!#1 Backpacking ParadisePeople from all over the world travel to Colombia to see this breathtaking and unique country in South America. Over the last couple of y... read more

My First Couchsurfing Experience - Was it Worth it?

Fri, 28 June 2019

In this written piece I'm gonna talk about another app we are big fans of which has been around for almost two decades and that allows people to connect more easily. Inspite of that, not many people are introduced in what couchsurfing exactly is. Like Alpacr the backpacking app, couchsurfing is also... read more