3 Reasons You Should Travel to Columbia

Fri, 03 May 2019

#1 Backpacking Paradise

Backpackers from all over the world travel to Columbia to see this breathtaking and unique country. Over the last couple of years Colombia became way easier to travel and a lot safer for backpackers. Besides it is quite cheap, and it offers an incredible amount of various climate zones which truly is a blessing for the backpacking community lifestyle. You will never run out of adventures or connecting to new people, because Columbia is all about living in the moment. Exceptional street art, beautiful beaches, outstanding coral reefs, dozens of breathtaking waterfalls and of course the best coffee in the world are reasons that make backpacker hearts beat faster - 100% a stop in South America for images to upload to your favourite backpacking app.

#2 Biodiversity

Columbia has an astonishing diversity of nature. It is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. It is even a gateway to the Amazonas which is home to a variety of unique species like the anaconda, jaguars, capybaras, flamingos and especially, Pink River dolphins. The world’s highest coastal mountain range, UNESCO world heritage sites, deserts and red rivers are just some further remarkable things Colombia has to offer to backpackers. Moreover, Colombia is blessed with coasts at the Pacific Ocean as well as the Caribbean which turns it into a backpacking and surfing hotspot. So log onto your backpacking app and find your fellow surfers!

#3 Culture

Columbia is known for its vast amount of ethnic groups. These serve as the base for its world renowned craftsmanship with a wide range of cultural expressions in music, art and literature. This diversity presents itself in the Colombians people’s attitude. Openness, optimism and calmness are

the traits Colombians are mostly related with. If you are looking for a fresh coffee Colombia is the proper place to be. Literally, you are surrounded by hundreds to thousands of coffee plantations. Not surprisingly if you consider that Colombia is the number three coffee exporter in the world. Ending this passage with the most popular Colombian person ever existed, Pablo Escobar. If you like him or not, he has made history and kept the breath of the entire world.

I am highly looking forward backpacking this incredible country at some point. Maybe this year. If I will do so, I would start off by volunteering. Workaway.info is a great website for people who want to do volunteering in exchange for accommodation and food. In my case I appreciate the opportunity to dive into the Colombian culture even deeper whilst improving my language skills in Spanish at the same time. Furthermore, it is a great chance to meet other backpackers or at least like-minded people to get some recommendations for your ongoing adventure.

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