4 Ways you can easily Stay Fit whilst Backpacking

Fri, 14 June 2019

Everybody travels, whether it is for a holiday, work or pleasure. However, when you are used to working out a certain amount of times a week and eating specific meals it can become quite a fuss to retain your level of health while travelling.

When travelling our normal routines get thrown out of the window, you don’t have your familiar run route, you may not be able to access a gym, you can’t meal prep your meal and your sleep patterns gets changed thanks to jet-lag. This is why I am going to give you some simple tips and tricks to keep up your physique whilst away.woman in black top walking on grey asphalt road during sunset

When we are on a holiday all the exercise that we want to do is roll over every half hour to get an even tan, however if you want to be a bit more active there are easy ways to do so. The easiest was of exercise is by doing small activities like going on hikes, riding a bike or walking to explore the area, the best part of this is that it does not feel like exercising since you are exploring new locations. Just by doing these small activities for half an hour a day is enough to get your endorphins flowing which will boost your mood and increase your energy level. A simple way to make these a bit more difficult is by wearing a backpack with you, this is great way to bring water and food and make the walk a bit tougher.

To get a little bit more hardcore when it comes to exercising you can also do body weight work outs, examples of these are squats (or jump squats), push-ups or pull ups. These kind of exercises are something you can do anywhere and with anything, think of a play-ground or a parking lot. Want to get a real sweat on? Try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), doing 20 minutes of HIIT will get those endorphins flowing and will make you feel great post-vacation. Try doing all out 20 seconds sprints followed with 10 seconds of rest for 20 rounds, trust me you will sweat enough.person wearing Asian conical hat

Down to the hard part, your diet. Everybody knows that diet is the hardest thing about staying fit and healthy, this is because your results are caused by 20% training and 80% diet. When on holiday we want to let loose of our structured diet and fancy some hamburgers, chips and cocktails. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as you keep your diet balance about 80% healthy and 20% what-ever-you-want. For those healthy meals make sure they include a protein source and at least one vegetable. A great tip from Nerd Fitness is the “never two in a row” rule, this means that you don’t eat two bad meals in a row, instead of a greasy lunch and a junk food dinner have a healthy dinner.

When flying be aware of the fact that air travel dehydrates you, this is because the air in the cabin is controlled with lower moisture than on the ground (between 10%-40% lower). So make sure you hydrate yourself enough before, during, and after your flight. Another flying related subject is sleep, because of different time zones your natural clock starts to get confused. Any experienced backpacker will have had jet-lag before which causes you to be wide-awake at 4am and falling asleep around 5pm. Try to get enough sleep to gain your energy back, this is also related to being up late partying, getting drunk and sleeping in for a long time. Because you are wrecked the next day your brain sends signals in need of energy which makes you crave more calories, therefore you will be starving and want to overeat. Of course one bad meal is not the end of the world, however if you let that one meal become a sequence of one month it may cause some problems.

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