4 Ways You can Easily Travel and be Sustainable

Tue, 18 June 2019

Sustainable travel is a term that has been growing in popularity in the last few years, people are throwing terms at us like eco-tourism, global warming and environmental friendliness on the daily. We all want to contribute to a better world, but, how can we? This is why I have 5 tips for you on how to make your travels more sustainable!

Tip 1: TransportPlanet Earth First signage sticked in gray post outdoors

Consider the most sustainable way of travel to your destination and at your destination. When travelling by plane try to book non-stop flights; the take-off and landing creates the most carbon emissions. However, when possible try to travel via car, bus, train or even ship since these all have a less negative impact on the environment compared to plane. Of course, you can also try backpacking, this can be very inexpensive and a great experience.

When at your destination commit to walking or cycling short distances, or make use of public transport, this way you can also enjoy the landscape and easily meet people whilst travelling.

Tip 2: Accommodation

A great way to support the local economy and be sustainable is by booking your accommodation at a local accommodation instead of a multi-national chain hotel. This can be hostels, B&B’s or Airbnb, or if you are comfortable with it, use a backpacking app like Alpacr or Couchsurfing and get in contact with the locals. Wanting to feel one with nature? Try campaign as another great accommodation option and spend your nights underneath the stars.

Some of us might not feel comfortable with the above options and will still prefer to stay at a hotel, so here are some quick tips on how to make even a hotel stay more sustainable. Don’t use the hotel laundry service, hotels wash each person’s laundry separately which uses a ton of water, instead use some hand soap or shower gel and do small load in the shower or sink. Try using the “do not disturb” sign more than you normally would, this way housekeeping won’t have to clean your room every day, which means less chemicals and electricity will be used. Lastly, a very easy one is to hang your towels after use, this is a sign that you want to use them again and who really needs clean towels every single day?

Tip 3: Local environmentman holding tongs while cooking

Don’t we all have those holidays where we explore the city, see all the hot-spots, eat the typical food but in the end did we really experience what the culture is in that country? To really get a taste into the culture of a country the easiest way is food. Eat at a local place try their cuisine or try some local street food. Have a chat with the person next to you in a café, shop or in the bus and ask them what their favourite things are in the city. Alternatively, the local adventurer feature on Alpacr can help you find knowledgeable travellers. This way you may find some amazing hidden spots with amazing views or find a pub for an amazing night out.

Tip 4: Activities

The temptation of seeing wild animals is big when you are somewhere new with wildlife you have never encountered before. Nonetheless, when it comes to real wild animals there are a few things to keep in your mind whilst abroad. Most zoos are not ethical because they are taking animals out of the natural habitat, examples of these are elephant rides or aquariums. A great way to explore the underwater world and sea life is by scuba diving/snorkelling, when on a tour do some research whether the organisation is ethical and whilst in the water don’t touch any coral and respect the instructions given.

I hope that these tips on sustainable travel will help you make some sustainable decisions on your next holiday! Feel free to follow me on the backpacking app Alpacr and share your travel experiences: https://alpacr.com/

- Trish

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