9 Extreme Sports You Can Try Whilst Backpacking - And They're Not What You Would Expect

Wed, 19 June 2019

An important part of travelling is getting out of your comfort-zone and broadening your horizons, you can do this by going solo travelling for the first time or swimming with sharks, you will find something that suits you. A great way to test your limits and get your adrenaline pumping is by doing extreme sports, think of diving in Australia, snowboarding in Austria or jumping out of a plane.

Something that I personally love to do is zip-lining, it’s a great way to get that adrenaline rush whilst knowing that you are safe. There are many beautiful locations where you can do this, however Costa Rica is known for the amazing zip-lining tours. Are you one of those people who loves the feeling of flying and the sensation of a free drop? Well than bungee jumping above an active volcano must sound like music in your ears? Yes, I am serious, in Chile you can bungee jump from a helicopter above the Villarrica Volcano being only 700ft away from the magma! For the small price of $15,958.13 you can look straight into the eyes of hell, but you also get a t-shirt, keychain and a refrigerator magnet. Staying close to the subject of volcanoes only slightly less life threatening, we have volcano boarding! (woohoo) Slide down the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua on a tiny board going 30mph. Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed down the volcano over the tiny black volcanic rocks which might look oh so pretty but can hurt you, as to why you get to wear protective clothes.man riding zip line

Not a big fan of heat? In the winter make your way to Canmore and the Canadian Rockies to try ice climbing. Beautiful large glaciers, axes, and being unsure whether you are cold or naked, what else do you want from sport?! For the best and safest experience go on a course with an experiences guide or instructor. Two of the most popular extreme sports are skiing and snowboarding, Switzerland is the place to be for these sports as from January till March you will be guaranteed a big layer of snow. Go off-piste, do jumps, and speed down the slopes, there are so options and fun that you can have with these extreme sports.two person scuba diving in water

Time to take a dive and get our hair wet. South East Asia has some of the most beautiful diving spots that you need to discover, think of Bali, Thailand, and Malaysia. 70% of the world exists of water so why only explore 30%? You get to be eye to eye with some amazing creatures, swim with manta rays, schools of tuna, or spot a whale shark. As someone who is absolutely terrified of getting eaten by a shark I rather stay above the water, kayaking and surfing are great extreme sports to try out. There are many types of kayaking, from easy and slow recreational kayaking to white-water kayaking which is when stuff becomes serious and you are in fast-moving water. A great place to try this sport is in the Colorado River which runs through Utah and Arizona.

The world is your playground and you can make the most out of it. I hope to make you excited to try out some of these sports and go on a new adventure. Feel free to follow me on the backpacking app Alpacr and share your travel experiences: http://alpacr.com

- Trish

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