Alpacr / Alpacar / Alpaca Travel...

Sun, 02 August 2020

Alpacr is a travel social network for sharing and discovering adventure, and to meet others whilst you travel.

Use the platform to meet other backpackers, and meet other travelers as you adventure around the globe.

Alpacr is known around the world as Alpacar and Alpaca Travel. If you do spell Alpacr by accident as Alpacar or Alpaca Travel, don't worry as it should still appear in the app store.

Next time you travel, make sure you bring your Alpaca travel friend with you. The new and exciting social network for backpackers and travelers.

Join the herd today, and share all of your travel experiences, and add new awesome locations to your bucket list on the Alpacr platform.

Whether you spell it Alpacar, Alpaca Travel, or Alpacr, we've got you covered.