How Can Travel Unite Women Around the World? - A Proactive Guide

Fri, 24 May 2019

International Women’s Day occurred in 1911 and every year it is celebrated all over the world. This year was held under the theme #BalanceforBetter. Gender balance is a matter of a world in total, it reflects progress that has been made regarding women’s emancipation and women’s role in business or private sphere and in society in general. Gender balance is an issue that needs to be discussed continuously in order to enhance women's subversive position. How women will be visible in politics, economy and business is a matter of many various external factors.

Women’s power

Simone de Beauvoir, one of the feminists that has the most important role for women’s emancipation in the 21st century, said ‘one is not born but rather becomes a woman’. Gender and sex are social constructs and regarding that we are following certain patterns of behaviour. The system imposes particular standards on how women should behave. In order to get free from all social norms, prejudice and limitations regarding your gender/sex, it is time for you to start living a fulfilling life. A life where you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone who is proposing how you should act. A life where only the sky is a limit.

There are many ways of how can you do so, starting from this day. Try to reinforce your role as a women in a sometimes patriarchal (men’s) world in spite of the progress that has been sustained within gender equality. The good way of doing so is through solo travel. Why travelling? Because it can help strengthen your independence and self-esteem which is very important for your personal growth. Thus, travel offers you a space where you can develop more cultural and social awareness, but it also enables you to become more aware of your position as a women in this society. By knowing different cultures, mentalities and various local traditions can give you a better insight of women’s role in general whether we still live in a masculine world or simply making progress.

Female Solo Travel

Whether you are a digital nomad or solo female traveller, embarking on a new adventure can be the best time of your life. If you are a female solo traveller, you should take care of a few steps before travelling. The question “is it safe for women to travel alone?” often tackles a lot of women and they don’t dare to go for it because of the fears and a certain risks. Of course, it depends on many various factors such as where are you travelling, for how long, how much effort you put in planning or research etc. In the end, if you don’t try you will never know. You will stick to what other people say but you won’t find out the exact truth. As a woman you can travel somewhere alone to discover the world on your own. As a woman you can build a stronger community where you can connect with many other strong women. The world is yours and you can do anything if you change the perspective that is bounded by many limitations and boundaries.

Don’t be afraid to step in a world full of undiscovered things which can bring you many surprises. Kate Mcculley gave us some useful safety tips for women and you can check it on her blog here. Also, as Kate is proposing, it is very important to have travel insurance and some of the suggestions is World Nomads.

Female activities and Travel Blogging

You can go for an example to London and be impressed with the prestige capital of the Great Britain or you can travel to Thailand to discover more about Asian culture. You can take more care of your health and start preparing for a long marathon in one of the Europe city (for example the Berlin marathon) or somewhere else in the world. You can become a member of a book club where reading and interacting will improve your social skills. Also, you can take a diving course and travel around as a member of a diving society from your country or region. You can connect through the Couchsurfing community and travel around for free instead of paying expensive accommodation. You can connect with other women or travellers through the Alpacr backpacking app and you can plan a trip together or find out more tips for solo travelling, information regarding destination and therefore meet local people. You can start creating your own travel diary or Female Travel Blog.

Events and workshops

You can attend various events and workshops such as foodie events, museums dedicated to inspirational women like the Hittisau WomenMuseum in Austria or Marie Curie Museum in Warsaw, Poland, New York and attend some art workshops. You can join in various international projects for educational purposes and seminars that can be based on gender thematic or it can just be a casual hangout in a pub or other places with your travel buddy.

There are a plenty of ways how to celebrate Women's International Day but the most important thing is to celebrate it every day instead of waiting for the right opportunity and the right time. By strengthening our awareness of oneself and surroundings we are moving towards amazing travel experience and personal growth.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope that you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to post your #IWD2019 message on social media for others to also help forge a #BalanceforBetter and to follow me on my Alpacr the Backpacking App.

Thank you,

Helena Kariko

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