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Around the world with Alpacr

Tue, 04 August 2020

Are you travelling soon? Make sure you bring Alpacr with you.Alpacr is the new social platform for sharing and discovering adventure. Build up your profile by sharing all of your adventure experiences, and compete with others on how adventurous you are.Search and discover new incredible places aroun... read more

Alpacr - The travel social network

Mon, 03 August 2020

What is Alpacr?Alpacr is the new social platform for sharing and discovering travel and adventure. Share your past and present travels on Alpacr whilst connecting with a rapidly growing global community of passionate travellers and adventurers! Discover new incredible places to add to your bucket li... read more

Alpacr / Alpacar / Alpaca Travel...

Sun, 02 August 2020

Alpacr is a travel social network for sharing and discovering adventure, and to meet others whilst you travel.Use the platform to meet other backpackers, and meet other travelers as you adventure around the globe.Alpacr is known around the world as Alpacar and Alpaca Travel. If you do spell Alpacr b... read more

Travel Inspiration: A Look at Alpacr’s New Search Feature

Fri, 27 December 2019

Travel Inspiration: A Look at Alpacr’s New Search FeatureGuide your next adventure with our newest update – the search feature! Designed for those travellers ready to be inspired by authentic travel stories and travel insights from other Alpacr users. Whether you're looking to discover a lesser know... read more

The Top 3 Backpacker Locations for Vegans

Fri, 26 April 2019

Before you choose your backpacking destination and finding your backpacking community be sure to accommodate your vegan diet. Not every country is vegan friendly, so make sure your culinary aspirations and vegan lifestyle aligns with the top places to visit whilst backpacking. Here's our top 3 vegan... read more