Top 3 places to visit in Thailand

Tue, 09 April 2019

Thailand. This country is absolutely amazing for a solo traveller. Breathtaking natural beauty, stunning views, white beaches, crystal clear water and sunshine all day long. That’s why Thailand is known as a backpacking paradise.

I’m going to review my top 3 places you have to visit when you travel to Thailand.

#1 Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant and fast-paced cities I’ve ever been to and an absolute must for every Foodie. The capital of Thailand with its 8 million+ citizens offers a lot of adventurous activities. Grab a TukTuk and explore every corner of the city, go on a boat ride, check out the floating markets and don’t forget to spend a night out on the Kao San Road. A paradise to meet other backpackers.

#2 Phuket

Phuket is by far the most touristic place in Thailand. Nevertheless, it proves its natural beauty with breathtaking nature and stunning beaches. Whether you’re gonna hang out at the beach or rent a scooter and explore the surroundings, you will feel at home and never want to leave again. The beautiful sunsets are addictive and the tropical atmosphere as well as the relaxed attitude of the Thai people will do the rest. Moreover, Phuket is THE place to be for scuba diving. Believe me, it is worth every single penny! I decided myself to go for a complete course at “Thailand Divers”. They did a great job!

#3 Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s numerous islands. Situated in the gulf of Thailand, the second largest island offers stunning beaches and great accommodation for backpacking. Explore every single corner and spend some time at one of the most popular beaches to hang out with exuberant people, good music and lots of drinks. On the flip-side, check out the remote beaches and go for a bit of snorkelling. Something I can highly recommend is to get a whole bunch of different Thai flavors and try every curry possible. You’re gonna love it.

Koh Samui is all about finding the right mix between party and rest.

Laughing Buddah at Wat Plai Laem

Yao Mae Kuan Im statue

To sum it all up, Thailand is a place for everyone. Socialising, partying and relaxing are just a few of the opportunities Thailand has to offer to the world. It was an incredible and adventurous trip and I would always do it again. Maybe someday, who knows? That’s it so far, see you soon!

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Jonas Gries - Marketing & Communications Intern

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